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White German Shepherd Dog Breed- A Complete Guide

White German Shepherd

White German shepherd

The German shepherd and white German shepherd are same species of the dog family the difference is their color coat varies. White German shepherd is mostly found in United States of America, Canada, and European imports. They are medium size having the low set tail and erect ears. The white coat appears like a feather on their body.  Adult males are approximately 24 to 26 inches and on the other hand opposite gender that’s is female varies from 22 to 24 inches, and both were having the weight between 78 to 85 pounds.

History of the white German shepherd:

In early 20th and late 19th century a breeding program as developed in Germany that results in the production of new dog species that is the white German shepherd.

In the year 1959, the German shepherd dog club of America adopted the method for the color breed standard of the parent German breed club. White German shepherd dog was officially barred from competition in the American kennel club in the USA in 1968.  AKC registered white German shepherd dogs may still compete in performance events.

White German shepherd dog appearance:

The white shepherd is an offspring of the German shepherd dog, and the two breed’s looks like in presentation expect color.   This dog has color, beauty, high level of intelligence and loyalty.  White Shepherd is a medium sized strong dog with a white coat and a low set tail.  This species of dog has weather resistant double coat. The outer coat is straight, dense harsh and also has close lying. While the other is soft, thick and fine in texture.

White German Shepherd

Temperament Of The White German Shepherd

The white shepherd dog has a decent personality also with self-confidence. They are intent and become high alert and ready to serve in any capacity, and it is very friendly as well. If you want to train your dog, then it is very easy in this case because the white German shepherd dog is intelligent, joyful and very active thus it is very easy to train this dog species. They are considered very loyal and also very caring for their young ones.

Exercises and activities:

If you are planning to buy or you already have this species, then you have to keep in the mind that it will require a lot of exercises so you should be prepared for that.

Pet owners usually love to take their pets for a daily walk, running, jogging or hiking purposes. This dog is very friendly and is happy to become your jogging partner.  They also like to play Frisbee, fetch and ball.

As you know that German shepherd dogs are high energy dogs, thus you have to make sure that you can help them to burn off their energy with daily exercises.

If you didn’t manage your time for your dog, then it might become a restless and lazy dog.

Groom your dog:

If you have a German shepherd dog in your house, you might see their white hair on the floor. Because German shepherd shed their furs usually in summers to get rid of the thick winter coat.

To tackle this problem daily brushing is required and also limit their bathing process as frequent bath will remove natural skin oils irritating which make them shed even more hair. For this purpose, you have a good vacuum cleaner that is strong enough to wipe the hairs from the floor and carpets.

Thus you have to adopt the best ways to maintain the clean environment for your dog.

White German Shepherd

Living Condition of German shepherd Dog:

These type of dogs are capable of living happily in the outdoor or indoor environment as long as they got proper nourishment and exercise. German shepherd love to live an area dedicated to it whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

The place should be large enough so that the dog will stand up and turn aside easily. Proper food and shelter are also necessary. To avoid from dehydration plenty of fresh and clean water should be provided at all times.  Try to give time to your dog so that it can fulfill his emotional needs. They need attention from their owners on a daily basis. If your dog is living outside, then you have to visit several times a day to keep the dag happy and avoid it from getting lonely, or developing aggression or depression.

Try to play the games in your free time to your dog just like Frisbee or ball etc. I you are going to exercises or hiking daily then you must take your dog with you. In this way, a happy and friendly environment starts developing between you and your dog.

Health hazards:

There are some of the common health issues in dogs such as dysplasia for hip or elbow.  These diseases are usually hereditary and become prominent at any age. But these symptoms are obvious in older dogs.

Some allergies may also affect the health of your pet that is airborne or some food related allergies. Eye diseases are also seen in some of the dogs.

IF you feel that your dog is not feeling well it may have some disease then you should consult with your pet doctor. The veterinarian will conduct a physical exam to diagnose the problem along with blood test or x rays to make a proper diagnose.

Thus they will provide you with a variety of tips to improve the health of your dog. For the best health, you should do a proper checkup plain for your pet weekly or monthly so that you should be aware of any problem at the time. In this way, you can ensure the health of your pet.

SO finally I conclude that German shepherd is a very friendly pet. And if you are still thinking to buy such a nice, soft friendly and caring pet for you then go for it. Build a strong relationship with your German shepherd dog and enjoy your time with your pet.

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