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What Do Tadpoles Eat? – List of Things That Tadpoles Eat

What Do Tadpoles Eat

What are tadpoles?

The name tadpole is from the English word tad for a toad and poll for head. Basically a tadpole is small creature that lives in water and goes through various stages to become adult frog. It is a frog larva that has a long tail and internal gills. These are amphibians and can live on both land and water but the lava is mostly found in the water. They range in size for one eighth if inch to 3 inches. Tadpoles are raised by May peoples and it is kept as pet also. People who want to raise the tadpoles must have to know about the What Do Tadpoles Eat.

What do tadpoles eat?

Raising a tadpole in your house is a great idea if you are a pet lover but cannot afford dog, cat or goat etc.  You just need a simple aquarium some small rocks and good amount of leafy under water plants.  The simple way is find frog eggs and place them in this aquarium and wait for them to hatch and produce tadpoles. They are sensitive creatures like any other newborn baby and require special care. Here is the list of the food you can safely give to your tadpoles. Read to know about What Do Tadpoles Eat.

Green leaves:

Most of the species of the tadpoles are herbivores and love to eat fresh leaves. So you can give them plant leaves, such as spinach, kale lettuce and water plants etc. You can simple collect some leaves and throw in to the aquarium or you can boil them and then feed it to your pet.

Algae and plant material:

Tadpoles eat green algae and decaying plant materials. Pour some amount of the algae in aquarium and do not try to put in the excess amount.

Flake fish food:

Tadpoles can also eat fish food and this is very good for them to gain the necessary nutrient from the food. Fish food can be easily found in nearest pet stores or you can buy it online. Fish flakes mainly consist of sufficient amount of nutrients which includes D-Calcium panthothenate, dried yeast, brown rice, riboflavin phosphate, white gluten, ascorbic acid and much more. It also contains Vitamin A, Thiamine, lecithin and biotin. These nutrients fulfill the need of proteins so before buying thoroughly check the quality of proteins, which is very important for the development of tadpoles. If the ingredients contains low quality protein such as shrimp meal then it is best to avoid these brands.


Along with proteins tadpoles also need a fair amount of calcium as well throughout their life cycle. It is the best advice to put the few drops of iquid calcium in the aquarium. You can add cuttlebone to the tank to ensure the steady amount of calcium.

Egg yolk:

You can also give hardboiled egg yolk to your pet to provide them protein. Feed them with this food tic a week and make sure the tadpoles receive the yolk in the flakes. You can feed your tadpoles with these food for 9 months to ensure the development of tadpoles to an adult frog. You can then change the diet accordingly.

What Do Tadpoles Eat

What to feed tadpoles:

you can feed your tadpole with green leaves, spinach, algae, flake fish food, calcium and egg yolk etc.

What not to give:

As Tadpoles are vegetarian so it’s best to avoid any type of meat products such as chicken or turtle feed. Do not throw any scraps of food into the water because it may hamper the environment.

 How Often Do You Feed a Tadpole?

You need to feed on daily basis to your pet. They will continue to eat until there is nothing left in the aquarium so best is the feed them twice a day. There is no exact time table to feed them. Do not place too much food as the food rot in the aquarium it will makes the water dirty. So keep the water clean for the better growth of your pets. If the tadpoles did not get enough food to eat, they will start consuming eat other to survive. So count them and if you see fewer tadpoles it means that they need more food.

Tadpoles as a pet:

If you want to adopt tadpoles as a pet then you should know about What do tadpoles eat? You can keep them in a container or fish bowl with chlorine free water. Do not place the tadpoles in direct sunlight and change their water on regular basis.

Put small pebbles and water plants to make the ideal environment for them. You can feed them by providing boiled lettuce or cabbage. Chop it and freeze it and feed it to your pet. Do not put too much as it may pollute the water.

Tadpole to Frog:

The process in which tadpole trnsform in to frog is called metamorphsis. This process consist of four stages eggs, caterpillar, pupa and adult stage. Eggs are laid by adult female frog in water or at marchy places. caterpillar is the feeding satge after eggs hatching. Pupa is transition stage and adult is the satge when it becomes frog and it is reproductive satge.

This is the complete tadpole lifecycle.


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