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What Do Crickets Eat? Your Pets Food Guide

What do crickets eat?

Crickets are pests that are closely related to grasshoppers. Crickets are categorized under the order Orthoptera, family Gryllidae. This insect can live on almost every continent except Antarctica, where the temperature is frigid. Here we discuss What do crickets eat? in detail.

People are rearing crickets for many reasons. Some want to have crickets, so they have a continuous and cheap supply of feeding stuff for their pet animals such as reptiles and aquarium fishes. Some cultivate crickets as pets themselves. In some countries like China and nearby places, they rear crickets for entertainment, as many in that country are addicted to cricket fighting, a multi-million dollar gambling industry.

Whatever the purpose of rearing crickets you have in mind, you have to give your pet crickets the food that they love to eat so they can thrive on being captive.

Luckily, crickets are broad spectrum eaters, meaning they are not so selective in what to eat. Crickets can eat almost anything! They can munch on decaying plant materials, overripe fruits, bread, oatmeal, grits, or even paper. Some household reported that crickets could create the hole in their clothes as they can eat fabric. So, do crickets eat clothes? The answer is yes. Read more to know What do crickets eat?

What Do Crickets Eat?

Cricket’s food is very much similar to the human diet. They are usually omnivorous that may eat fruits, meat, and vegetables. In simple words, they eat everything they found which includes rotting leaves, rotting fruits, vegetables, and insects also. They are foragers that eat what they can see in our homes, garages and our gardens. Also, crickets consume protein to stay healthy.

What do crickets eat in the garden:

Cricket love to eat meat they usually eat small insects, eggs, pupae, scale and aphids. Some of the types of this specie prefer to eat plant, pollen and nectar. They also eat wee seeds.

Examples of food consumed by crickets:

Following are the some of the foods that cricket will eat:

Raw vegetables:

Cricket species love to eat raw vegetables such as carrots peel, lettuce, and cabbage, etc. When you make bakes potatoes save the covers for your crickets. Potatoes are noble in starch and are best for their health.

Raw fruits:

Here are some of the fruits crickets love to eat.

Apple: When you core an apple save the core and feed it to your crickets.

Bananas:  if you have rotten bananas or the leftovers of bananas feed them to your crickets they love to eat this. Bananas are special in potassium.

Orange: When you cannot complete that last orange slab, save it for your cricket. They are special in vitamin C.

Protein is vital for your pet health and growth. In fact, if you do not feed your cricket sufficient amounts, they will eat other crickets to satisfy their dietary needs. If they were not able to find the other crickets they will eventually die. You can provide them meat scraps to meet their protein content, cat food or cricket food. Here are some models of high protein foods for your crickets:

Chicken: Your crickets will eat chicken scraps from the breasts and drumsticks. Chicken is low in fat and very affordable.

What do crickets eat?

What do crickets drink?

Do crickets drink water? The answer is yes. The only drink they need is fresh water. Tap water is fine for your crickets. If you have a colony of crickets, make sure that you do not have any standing water near the cage. If you live in a dry atmosphere make sure to monitor their water daily as it may diffuse immediately. Also, make sure to replace their water every 2-3 days, or it may start to stink.

Crickets as Pet Food

If you are establishing crickets to feed to your pets such as snakes, lizards etc, then you will require keeping one dietary need in the brain. Most reptiles need a high protein diet. To meet your reptile’s needs, you will need to raise your cricket’s protein intake. That is called “gut loading.” When you gut load crickets you increase the volume of protein that you feed them. But, you need to plan the timing of the gut load to maximize the cricket’s protein content. You can do this by serving your crickets extra protein 2-3 days before you plan to feed them to your pets. That may be achieved by adding more cat food, chicken, beef or commercial cricket food to their meals.

What do crickets eat in the house:

They are omnivores, mean that they eat both plants and animals. Crickets eat rotting plants, leaves, fungi and fruit.

Do crickets eat ants?

Yes! They eat ants too. Crickets are omnivores in nature and they eat anthing including palnts and small insects but they will prefer to eat dry decaying plants, dead insects.

do crickets eat grass?

Yes! They eat grass and other such palnts , fruits and veggies. They eat grass, crabgrass and ragweed.

do crickets eat spiders?

Yes, They eat small insects and spider also. Camel crickets are omnivores and will eat fungus, plant matter, insects, and even fabric or cloth.

do crickets eat worms?

Yes! They eat insects and worms too.

do crickets eat cockroaches?

As we know that they are omnivores and eat the small insects adn worms also. Yes they also Eat cockroaches too and aslo eat ther own species when didn’t find any source of food.


What do crickets eat?

How to feed store bought Crickets?

Crickets make great meals for snakes, fish in larger aquariums and are also used as bait for fishing. Whether you want to keep your crickets alive as a pet, for feeding snakes, or to have them for the next time you go fishing you need to feed them well. The crickets you purchase in a store will typically not live more than a week because, they have been fed a minimal diet, which mostly consisted of wet cardboard boxes and the other crickets that died and were cannibalized.

What do crickets eat? Well, the best way to get crickets eating is to change the food you feed them every few days. Start by slicing up and apple, if you have apples or other fruits that have started to get overripe, your pet crickets will love to eat them. If you have leftover grits or oatmeal, your pet crickets will be more than happy to finish them for you. If you want to feed them something more natural you can always go to the woods and find rotten branches and other detritus on the forest floor.

Crickets are also very sensitive to other pets thus, if you have other pets in house extra care should be taken. You must keep away other pets from their colony. They are so sensitive to insecticides that the insecticide fumes may kill them. So after reading this article you are able to know thae fact about What Do Crickets Eat.


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