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What Do Birds Eat? Bird Diet Facts & Information

What Do Birds Eat

What do birds eat?

There are the variety of species of the bird present in the planet earth. Birds may be herbivorous, carnivorous or omnivorous. Most of the birds eat seeds, fruits, worms, plants, sap, berries, nuts, and meat. If you are a bird lover and want to adopt a bird as your pet. Then you should know about its food. In this discussion, we try to explain what do birds eat in detail.

Vigorous birds:

This is the kind of the bird that eat other birds. This is the diet for most of the popular raptors such as accipiter’s, which may depend upon prey on backyard birds. Red-tailed hawks and peregrine falcons are top larvivorous raptors which feed on doves or pigeons. Large raptors may also take ducks or other waterbirds as a prey when available.

Carnivorous birds:

These species of the bird are meat lover and eat meat including mammals, rodents, amphibians, fish, and reptiles. These birds hunt and catch their prey and then eat them. Vultures are the birds in this category which eat the meat of dead birds and animals.

Omnivorous birds:

These are the kinds of birds which feed on small insects, seed and fruits, and meat. Ducks, emu, woodpecker’s crows and quails are the example of the birds which eat small worm and insects, seeds, fruits and meat. Certain types of finches feed on berries, seeds as well as insects. These birds usually eat anything that is easily digested by their stomach. The eat anything ranging from nuts, suet and other baked items like breadcrumbs, crackers, pancakes, meat, insects, dried fruits and their seeds or other leftover kitchen scraps.

What Do Birds Eat

Nectivorous birds:

As their name reveals that they feed on nectar. They fly from flowers to flowers to suck the nectar from the different type of flowers. These may even visit the nectar feeders. If you want to attract these kinds of the birds you should keep sugar water. Hummingbirds, sunbirds and many other birds like honeycreepers are nectivores.

If you have a pet bird in this category like a hummingbird feed your pet with sugar water. You may also honey to this water. This recipe helps you to attract them more towards you. Certain birds like finches, cardinals, woodpecker, and chickadees will come back to your garden again if you keep sugar water or honey mixed with water. Some of the insectivorous also eat insects.

Insectivorous Birds:

Some type of birds feeds on other insects and worms. You can get mealworms from the pet stores. Swallows, warblers, flycatchers, kingfishers and lyrebird, catbirds, eastern bluebird, chickadees, nuthatches and certain types of woodpeckers are insectivores. Some of these birds feed on larvae of insects. Blackbirds, crows, and bluebirds often feed on bugs, caterpillars or grubs on the ground.

What Do Birds Eat

Mucivorous birds:

These type of birds feed on the mucus of plants and trees. Few species are solely mucivorous but other like woodpeckers, waxwings, kinglets, and warbles all have the mucivorous components to their diet.  Birds by using their pointing beaks may drill into trees to release sap to sip. Another way is that they may take the advantage of wounds on trees to access sap with less effort.
So the basic thing is you have to find the category for your pet to know what do birds eat. It may eat small insects, fruits and their seeds, other birds, meat, and nuts. So if you are thinking to buy a pet bird for you and want to know about its food. Then this article will really help you to find the exact category of your pet. Birds commonly drink water.

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