Saint Berdoodle Dog Breed Information and Facts

Saint Berdoodle

Saint Berdoodle is the crossbreed of St Bernard and the standard poodle, thus it contains the common traits of both its parents. It is a large size dog breed that maybe not fit for families, especially for young children. It can be kept as a pet but at the same time, this dog needs special attention and care from the owner. This dog is smart, enthusiastic and alert thus it can be classified as one of the best watchdogs.


This hybrid dog breed originates in the USA in 1885 when the first inducted into the American Kennel Club (AKC). This dog breed is described as patient and friendly and loves to go on outings, this wonderful family dog also shares some genes with the Standard Poodle, which joined the AKC in 1887 but has been around since the 17th century where he was used as a working dog in the military.

Physical Appearance:


Height: 24- 30 inches

Lifespan: 10 – 12 years.

Weight: 110- 200 lb


Saint Berdoodle and mini saint berdoodle puppy colors include black/white and multicolored.

Group: Not applicable

Best suited for: Families with older children houses with yards.


Saint Berdoodle have a long coat that is either straight, wavy or curly. They have a smooth or a fluffy face.


Saint Berdoodle is a loving and affectionate dog that enjoys the company of attention. It prefers to share a close love bond with all family members and feels neglected when left own it own for a long time. Being such a social and friendly animal it needs special attention and if you want continuous behavior than you have to pay special attention towards it and do not leave neglected for a long time. Saint Berdoodle is also known as the territorial dog and can identify strangers and it is extremely protective of the family members. He makes a perfect alarm just in case a bugler tries to make an entry.

Thus Saint Berdoodle is the ideal dog for the families with big kids. He performs well with children and very patient with them. When socialized from an early age, your Saint Berdoodle will pretty get along with all other pet family members. His combination of intelligence and an unlimited supply of energy makes him perfect for a training exercise class.

Similar breeds:

Saint Bernard:

The Saint Bernard dog breed is originated from Switzerland and it is the result of cross-breeding mastiffs with native alp dogs. Saint berdoodle is friendly kind but a steady dog. Just like others dog this dog breed also need special attention and care and enjoys the center of attention. This dog is breed is big in size but it is perfect for older kids and it is kept as a pet in the house.

The poodle

This dog breed is loyal, protective and has high IQ level. It is originated from Germany and was bred by the waterfowl hunters for them to help them in their duck hunting expeditions. This dog jumps into the water to retrieve the duck once the hunter made a clear shot. The poodle comes in different sizes. It is kept as a pet in the house.

Saint Berdoodle is the crossbreed of Saint Bernard and the poodle.

A member of the AKC or not?

Even this is a popular dog breed but until yet is not in the American kennel club (AKC). This is due to his mix bred status that disqualifies him as an actual candidate for the AKC. However, this dog breed is registered in other mixed dog registries like international designer Canine registry, American Canine hybrid club and Dog Registry of America etc.

Ideal Environment:

Saint Berdoodle dog breed is perfect for the families that have older kids with wide space for the dog. This is an intelligent dog and requires adequate training. Saint Berdoodle also need necessary exercise and outdoor activities like jogging and sports etc. So if you want to adopt this dog breed as a pet in your house you have to look for all its options like your time schedule, space, and other things.


Saint Berdoodle is the smart and intelligent dog and is easy to train. They do their best to understand your sayings in the short time. They do have little bit tendency to get spoiled. They are agile and able to learn new tricks and games. They are also capable of learning from problem-solving or watching.

Common health problems:

In the most hybrid, many of the serious health issues are passed from parents to offspring.  In this case of this dog breed the common health issues are hip dysplasia, ear infections, wobbler syndrome, bloat, skin problems and Willebrand’s diseases etc. so you have to thoroughly check the pet before adoption.

Saint Berdoodle Pricing

$ 800 for black saint berdoodles, while multi-color saint berdoodles cost ranges from $ 1200 to 1800 depending on the color and pattern.


$ 100 discount for veterans, military, police, homeschool parents, firefighters, and teaches.

$ 200 discount for friends and family.

Exercise Requirements:

As we know that saint berdoodle is a big dog thus it needs a daily walk to keep him mentally and physically active. Definitely, it needs an active and caring owner to fulfill its needs. Regular exercise and caring keep this dog behavior good and friendly. It also likes jogging so next time you go for the jogging take your pet along with you to enjoy your jogging.

So after knowing about the facts and information about this dog breed, you can easily make a decision to adopt this as a pet. You can adopt saint berdoodle puppies as a pet because they are smart and intelligent and easy to train.