Saarloos Wolfdog Dog Breed Facts and Information

Saarloos Wolfdog is an identified breed of dog originating from wolf-dog hybrid crosses. This dog has a powerful neck. The moderate board heard is slightly arched between the ears. This breed has erect ears just like a German shepherd. The tail is densely feathered and low set. In this article, we discuss in detail about the anatomy of sarloos wolfdog.

History of Saarloos Wolfdog

In the year 1935 Dutch breeder Leendert Saarloos started crossbreeding a German shepherd male to either a female Mackenzie wolf or European wolf, thus saarloos breed is formed. He done many successful experiments on the breeding to produce this type of dogs. In 1975 after the death of Leendert Saarloos. Dutchmen recognized this breed and changed the name to Saarloos wolfdog. In the year 1981, the breed was recognized by federation cynologique international FCI. These dogs are now kept as family dogs by many peoples.

Genetics of Saarloos Wolfdog:

Genetics characteristic of the saarloos dog match with the gray wolf-dog. In 2016 a major DNA study of some domestic dogs found a deep division between the saarloos wolfdog and all other dogs including the German shepherds.

Interesting facts about the breed:

It is found to a challenging task to find a well-bred puppy, and it often required a lot of money. The saarloos wolfdog has European wolf in their ancestry. Although this breed is considered as a guard dog, the saarloos turned out to be less ferocious than a wolf dog and more like a German shepherd.
They are also may be used as therapy dogs for peoples with special needs.
Well-bred puppies of this breed can fetch a lot of money and are hard to find in the UK.

Size and Appearance:

Males: 65 to 75 cm, Females: 60 to 70 cm

Average Weight:

Males: 36- 41 kg, females 36-41 kg.

Saarloos is a medium to large size dog that has an athletic body and a wedge-shaped head that make their appearance just like a wolf. They have slightly broad and flat skulls. Their muzzles are as long as skull and have straight bridges to the nose. This breed has a perfect scissor shape bite where their upper teeth neatly overlap their lower ones.

Their eyes look like the almond shape and are small oblique on dog face yellow or brown that gives them a wolf-like form. They have medium-sized, triangular ears that boast being rounded at the tips and which are set level with a dog’s eyes.

There are slightly longer than the body of normal dog breeds and have a broad chest and strong, straight backs. Their ribs are nicely sprung, and bellies lightly tucked up with adds to a dog athletic appearance. Their hind legs are very strong and nicely angled with dogs having quite hare like feet in addition to well arched and muscles toes with firm and strong pads. The most common breeds are a grey wolf, red wolf, and white wolf.


Saarloos wolfdogs are famously known for their natural behaviors, and their response may vary from person to person. If an unknown person tries to approach a saarloos the desire is run away is strong which is perfectly normal for that breed. Their puppies are adorable and charming and may attract to your family and strangers also. But as they become old and mature they easily recognize strangers, and at the same time, they are a very friendly pet for you and your kids. However, rarely would a Saarloos show any aggression towards anyone they did not already know preferring to keep their distance instead.

Saarloos is a brilliant, energetic and independent dog breed their form very strong and efficient bonds with their owners. They can be easily and well trained, and they love learning new things and engage with your family. They need an extra lot attention when they are very young so that there is a healthy relationship is built between you and your pet.

saarloos wolfdog price:

The average price for sarloos wolfdog puppy ranges from $800 to $1000.

Are they an excellent choice for first-time owners?

A Saarloos Wolfdog is not an excellent choice for first-time dog owners because, they are better suited to people who are intimate with the breed’s specific needs having in mind that these dogs like to have fellowship and are intelligent, high-energy characters by nature.

What about playfulness?

The Saarloos is playful and loves taking part in all sorts of canine sports which includes activities like CaniX, obedience, heelwork, and agility. They also like playing interactive games which is an excellent way of keeping these energetic dogs occupied and therefore happy.

What about excessive barking?

Saarloos is not known to be “barkers,” and puppies can be taught to bark on demand. A dog would like to be quick off the mark to let a master know when strangers are about though and the same can said if they are unhappy about a situation.

Are Saarloos Wolfdogs best watchdogs?

Saarloos Wolfdogs may look majestic, but they are not natural watchdogs because they are not confrontational at all. They prefer to cower away from strangers rather than stand up to them which is a deeply embedded trait found in the breed.


Intelligence / Trainability

The Saarloos is a very smart and clever dog and a fast learner. The disadvantage of this is they are just as quick to pick up bad habits as they are good. They need to be properly socialized from an early age, and their training also must begin in the early stage. It also must be very consonant and always fair so that a dog learns what their owner expects of them. In short, in the right hands and circumstances, the Saarloos is easy to train.

After reading this article as you know that good qualities and behavior of saarloos wolfdog therefore if you are planning to Buy a saarloos wolfdog as your pet then goes for it. It is a nice, friendly, intelligent and loyal pet you can keep it at your home for your kids. Your kids like this pet very much.