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Piranha Fish Facts – Diet, Habitat and Characterstics

Piranha Fish Facts

The piranha fish are also known as Caribe is a freshwater fish. it is mostly found in warm rainforest lowland streams and lakes and rivers in Amazon basin. They are also introduced in other places like Northern Brazil, Hawaii and North America. There are many species of this fish. This fish belongs to the general “Pygocentrus” and “Serrasalmus”. They have sharp teeth and are found in meat.

Piranha Fish Characteristics:

Piranha fish varies in color from yellow to steel grey and bluish to partly red to dark black. They are normally about 15 to 25 cm long (6 to 10 inches) while some of the species are also found to be 41 cm (24 inches) in length. They have faced just like a bulldog and larger lower jaw and many razor-sharp teeth. Their teeth are replaceable. When one is broken off a new one grows in its place.

All species have a single row of small sharp teeth in both jaws. Their teeth are tightly packed that are meant for rapid puncture and shearing.

What Do Piranhas Eat?

They love to eat meat but they are actually omnivores. This means that they eat almost everything, not just meat. Some of their favorite foods are worms and plants, while some of the species are strictly vegetarian. They also eat small fishes.

Piranha Fish Habitat

They are mostly found in whitewater streams. They also live in tropical rivers. They mostly live in the form of groups.

Piranha Description:

Body Shape

All piranha-species have a capable, high, and thick however along the side packed body shape, with a bottom like edges running over the upper piece of the body from making a beeline for the dorsal blade, and on the lower body running over the stomach. Together with a capable vast tail and a body secured with little scales, their streamlined bodies make them quick and coordinated swimmers.

Not at all like numerous fish-species, have piranhas had a little fat balance amongst tail and dorsal balance? This component is the trademark for the Characin-family, in spite of the fact that individuals from some different families, similar to catfish, have a fat balance also.

Eyes and Nose

The huge eyes and a vast nose with huge nostrils to augment the water inflow mirror the ruthless way of life of piranhas. They have an extremely intense feeling of smell. In their regular environment, the dinky waterways in South-America significantly more obscured by overhanging vegetation; aroma is their fundamental method for finding their prey.


The piranha’s unmistakable trademark highlights are the triangular, well sharpened sharp teeth; expansive ones in the lower jaw and little ones in the upper jaw. At the point when the mouth is shut, the teeth from the two jaws fit precisely, equivalent to an endure trap. This empowers them to cut off bits of meat or blades or scales, truly dismantling their prey piece by piece. Their teeth are replaceable when a tooth is severed another one develops to supplant it.

Piranha Fish Facts

Piranha as Predator:

They usually hunt their prey in the form of groups. If one fish hunt, they prey than other also rush towards itself and share the meal.  Bigger creatures that are assaulted are debilitated, wiped out or they are harmed. Indeed, even an expansive shore of piranhas will just assault a solid creature on extremely uncommon events. This is amid the dry season while moving around openly is in the same class as inconceivable and sustenance is rare.

Piranha as Prey:

Many piranhas fall victim to predators that are looking for an easy meal. They are relatively nervous and skittish. One moment of carelessness means is the end of their life. In the wild habitat, they are the diet for many animals like jaguars, caimans, freshwater dolphins and other large fishes.

During the dry season, they also preyed by their own relatives. This is the time when the food is less due to which fishes are trapped in small puddles. They are also targeted by large insects and crustaceans.

Piranha fish reproduction:

They lay eggs in rivers and lakes. The breeding environment of piranhas is main bodies of water such as a lagoon. Piranhas will change shading amid generating with the red midsection Piranha angle getting more extraordinary and the entire piranha winding up marginally lighter. The match will shield their generating an area and set up a home much the same as the reproducing conduct of winged animals. The female lays groups of eggs into a bowl molded homemade in the residue. These are around 4 or 5 centimeters inside and out and 15 centimeters in measurement. The eggs will then be treated by the male. The eggs bring forth following a few days, contingent upon the temperature of the water. The piranha angle guardians ensure both the eggs and their brood. Females are most fruitful amid the stormy season in April and May.

Piranha Fish Facts

Piranhas attack:

They are dangerous and may even attack humans. DR Axelrod did an experiment. He places a large piece of meat in the tank. Within few moments piranha tore the meat into pieces. Thus this is proved that piranha fish attack and it may attack humans also. (Video)

Are Piranhas Legal?

Many states restrict importing and breeding or even keeping them in aquariums. This is the reason because they are dangerous for other fish species. And may eat the maximum species of small fishes if you place them in the lake or river.

Should You Keep Them?

Yes, you can keep them in a separate aquarium where there is no fish of other species.

Piranha Fish and Humans

Piranha Fish Facts

Reports of Piranhas gnawing individuals in their local environments are uncommon, so the threat of Piranhas is misrepresented. In any case, Piranhas have nibbled individuals who put their hands in an aquarium brimming with Piranhas.

While numerous people fear these fish, there are a great many locals that swim in similar waterways with these fish and go unharmed.

Local people utilize the teeth of piranha angle in devices and weapons. Piranha angle is likewise a popular food, however, in the event that got on a snare or line, it might be attacked by other piranhas.

Piranha is consumed by fishermen and frequently sold for food in local markets. They are also available in the dried specimens for tourists in the recent times. They occasionally bite and sometimes attack bathers and swimmers.

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