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Long Haired German Shepherd – Interesting Facts To Know

Long Haired German Shepherd

Long haired German shepherd

The Long haired German shepherd is a dog breed of medium to a large-sized working dog that originated from Germany. This breed is recognized as German shepherd dog in the English language or as an abbreviation as GSD. The German shepherd is a working dog introduced for herding sheep. They are powerful, obedient, loyal and intelligent that’s why they are also used for different works including disability assistance, search and rescue for police and military roles and even acting. The long hair German shepherd is the part of German shepherd breed, and it’s simply a GSD with a longer coat as compared to others.

Physical Appearance

This breed of German shepherd looks a bit different and unique when compared to others they have same facial features and body type. Male long haired German shepherds grow to the height of 24 to 26 inches and can weigh 66 to 88 pounds. While the female long haired GSD are smaller in size and have the height of 22 to 24 inches and weight ranges from 51 to 53 pounds.

The visible difference remains the length and texture of the hair. Since the long hair German shepherd does not have an undercoat as the standard short hair does, the actual hair appears to be shinier. While this may look beautiful, it results in less strength from weather circumstances. Due to some resons German shepherd is not a good worker for herding and hunting.

Long hair German shepherds are less resilient to harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain and harsh winds.  So if you are looking for herding dog or hunter so go for short-haired German shepherd breed.


They are very ibtelligent and quick learner. Its general temperament is much better than a standard German shepherd. This special feature makes it different and more diverse regarding compatibility as they are suited for all kinds of people and home environments.

Other difference is the long heard GSD prefers to be in constant contact with their human family. Therefore this dog breed is best to be kept indoors as long as they are exercising properly.  They are highly playful and enjoy playing with toys and their family members.  They are very faithful to their human family also and show the bravery when required. They are very friendly and protective thus they are excellent playmates for children and even better babysitters.

Health issues:

Long haired German shepherd may suffer from several health issues. Common diseases in this dog breed are hip and elbow dysplasia, eczema, epilepsy and some digestive problems. Hip and elbow dysplasia may be due to a genetic health issue. You should regularly visit your pet veterinarian so that he should examine the health issues for German shepherd through X- rays and other tests to reach a proper diagnosis.

Long Haired German Shepherd

The lifespan of Long hair German Shepherd Dog:

The lifespan of long hair GSD ranges from 9 to 13 years.

Long haired German shepherd Puppies:

  • GSD puppies are lovable and cute just like any other pet puppies, and they also have a silky and soft hair that makes it more adorable.
  • You will like to play and tease with them.
  • They require good socializing training to become your friends.
  • It’s very easy to teach them how to respect elders.
  • You can trust them as they are very loyal and they like to play with your family and kids also.
    These puppies are usually not guarding, but they are best in recognizing sound and voices at the doorstep of your house.
  • These are cute, swift and sturdy.

A long-haired German shepherd puppy reaches its full height at the age of 9 months.

Long Haired German Shepherds Price:

Long hair GSD are intelligent, beautiful and loyal dogs. These are usually costly because of their special features excellent defending traits and beautiful hair coat. The price can vary from dealer to dealer and also the age of the dog.


Normally the cost of German shepherd dog ranges from 300$ to 2500$.

Long hair German shepherd dogs are loyal and beautiful. Their beauty becomes more vigilant due to long hairy coat.  Here are some of the pictures of adorable long haired German shepherds.


Long haired GSD needs daily exercise. They love to do exercise in the outdoor environment.  If you already have this dog or you are planning to adopt this dog, then you should be aware of its basic needs.

They need daily exercise to burn off their fat. This can be quickly done by playing outdoor games such as Frisbee or fetch, or you can take them for jogging or running.

Living Conditions:

They require emotional attachment from their owners. Thus they do not make good outdoor dogs. This is a bit good news for dog owners that live in apartments and thus they food a good indoor companion and guard dog as well. Because they cannot bear harsh weather conditions thus, they are best suited for indoor pets.

Grooming a Long Haired German shepherd:

Dog owners may be overwhelmed by the amount of hair shed by Long hair GSD. Their shedding process is constant so dog owners must keep a good vacuum cleaner for cleaning with hairs. Brushing is required at least twice a week using a suitable metal brush for the health of their coat.
Bathing is only required when necessary. Because frequent bathing may remove essential natural oils from their skin that may be harmful. Their ears require proper cleaning since ear wax can stick to the hair located close to the ear opening.

Nail care is also essential and can be done on a regular basis. Nail trimming by the professional groomer or by the dog owner. In addition to the nail trimming, dog owners can take their dog running or walk on concrete surfaces that will help file down the nails. If you want to train your dog  at home or a groomer, they will want to get their pup or dog familiar with having their paws handled by gently touching their paws from a young age. This will reduce the risk of grooming anxiety for the dog.

Long Haired German Shepherd

Are German shepherd Part of the Wolf Family:

Are dogs said to have evolved from wolves? People believe that in early age wolves were lethal, but as time passed, they started to come close to humans. They started to live together. They developed a relationship acknowledged as mutualism. Evolution is a process in which living organisms change their physical appearance and also their mental strategies. It is believed that dogs have evolved from wolves. It’s not that wolves have ended in this world, but due to changes and mutations, some of them acquired the form of dogs. This belief also came into existence because of resemblance in their physical features other than the fossil records. Dogs and wolves may look alike, but they differ in many features like behavior and diet. There are 8 to 9 dogs that show close resemblance with wolves.  2 dogs are the most closely; Siberian husky and German shepherd.

German shepherd and wolves resemble in 3 characteristics the most. These are,

  • Coat color
  • Height
  • Weight


Now after reading this article you know more about the long-haired German shepherd you may wonder that this dog is suitable for you or not?

The very first thing you have to keep in your mind that this dog requires plenty of human contact and attention from his owner and their family. If you are the too busy person in your daily work routines, then you should have a family member to take care of this dog. If you are the single person and didn’t able to manage the time for the care of this dog, then this dog is not suitable for you. As I already mention that this dog breed needs attention and care from his owner.

If you are a single person a want a good companion that will enjoy regular jogging or running sessions than the long-haired German shepherd is the best choice for you. In addition to the friendly companion during jogging, this dog is also a great guard for yourself.  Also if you are a family that loves spending time at home, outdoors or at the local park, you will enjoy welcoming a long-haired German shepherd into your life easily. The secret is to make the dog part of your family and involve him or her in the family activities.

Long Haired German Shepherd

Final Words:

Thus we conclude that long haired German shepherd is wonderful, best companions and family pets that will provide dog owners the necessary protection and joyful happiness. So doesn’t go for the old myths associated with this dog breed it is not aggressive it is very social and friendly and also a good option for your kids. So stop thinking and adopt a long haired GSD for more happiness.

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