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Ladybug Life Cycle – 4 Stages of the Ladybug Life Cycle

Ladybug life cycleLadybug life cycle

The lifecycle of ladybug is much similar to the life cycle of a butterfly. Ladybug goes through four stages as a butterfly that is the eggs stage, the larvae stage, the pupa stage, and the final is adult ladybug stage. There are transformed from different stages so you couldn’t recognize them before they go to the final stage of their lives.  Read more to know about the ladybug life cycle.

Stages of ladybug life cycle:

Following are the four stages of life cycle of a ladybug.

Egg stage:

After the mating of adult ladybugs, the female ladybug will lay dozens of pale yellow, oval-shaped eggs on the underside of leaves to protect them from flying predators and from the weather. She will lay the eggs in clusters of 10 – 30 eggs. These eggs take 5 – 10 days to hatch depending upon the climate conditions and temperature. Eggs are laid on leaves to make sure that the newly born find their food when they hatch. Their eggs are tiny and can be easily found under the plant leaves in the garden but don’t touch them because you could kill the babies.

Larvae stage:

After 5- 10 days eggs hatch and a tiny creature will emerge that is called as ladybug larvae. At this stage, they are not look alike as ladybugs. They are blue in color with orange spots and spiny protrusions.

As they come out from the eggs they search for the food. The newly born ladybug larvae can bite and they feed on plant leaves. They can also eat aphids and eat up to 25 aphids a day. Their skin is soft but tends to harden as they eat more and more food. After few days they molt their skin and keep molting as they are growing.

Pupa stage:

When the ladybug larvae are eaten much after a couple of weeks. The larvae change into the tiny creature like shrimp. It will attach itself to the leaf and will seem to fall asleep for few days. This stage is named as a pupa. A pupa is a shell that protects the ladybug while it transforms. A pupa is like a strong tent and it keeps the ladybug warm and safe.

Adult ladybug stage:

After a couple of weeks Passing through all the stages, this tiny creatures becomes adult ladybug.  When the ladybug metamorphosis process is complete the skin of the larvae open and full grown ladybug will emerge. At the initial stage, it will look soft and pink or pale yellow in color for few hours until its shell becomes hard. As the shell hardens it also gains pigment which turns the ladybug into the bright red in color with black dots. So these are the ladybug life cycle stages.

Ladybug life cycle

ladybug life span:

The Avergae life psan of ladybug is almost 2 to 3 years.

ladybug life span without food:

They can live for 3 to 6 months without food.

Raising ladybugs as a pet:

Some people love to adopt it as a pet and thus they are looking for the options for raising ladybugs. You can grow a colony of these ladybugs in very easy steps. For this, you have to know what do ladybugs eat their habitat and all other necessary things. People raise ladybugs because they love ladybugs and so that they can watch the wonderful transformation of the ladybug life cycle. They can help you to kill harmful insects from your garden or farm.

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