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How Long Do Snails Sleep – Snail Sleeping Habits and Places

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How Long Do Snails Sleep 

Snails are the members of the mollusk family. There are more than thousands of different species of snails exist in this world including at sea, on land, and in freshwater environments. It has been proving that snails love to sleep for long times when they didn’t have the suitable habitat to live. Now the question is how long do snails sleep?


3 days

3 months

3 years.

Yes! 3 years, snail may sleep up to three years.

Snails are small animals that can also be a pet, food or pests that may carry diseases. They vary in size from the tiny small to the giant sea snail syrinx aruanus their shell can measure 30 inches in length. Although all species of snails are hermaphrodites that possess both male and female sexual organs they need to mate to fertilize their eggs.

Snails love to sleep:

Sleep is needed for all living organisms to prepare for the next day and to retains their energy and refresh their mind. It is the common belief that only complex living organisms need sleep on a regular basis to give proper rest but it not right all the microorganisms need sleep.

Like other animals snail also sleep, and snails love to sleep for long times. Snails are slow and laid back tiny creatures, and sleep is their ultimate need. Some of the studies show that snail rest during the daytime, and they usually sleep for almost 13 to 15 hours to get their active body nonstop for 30 hours.

How Long Do Snails Sleep


Snail habitat:

Snail usually found on places ranging from sunny urban gardens to mountains with cold climates. They can survive in many habitats with different temperatures and conditions.

Snail feeding:

Most of the people believe that snail’s feeds on plants, but it may be the not true case. Some species are omnivorous, and others are carnivorous. They also require necessary nutrients to protect their shell and remain it hard and healthy.

Why this creature love to sleep?

As we know that complex organisms need sleep to maintain their neurological health but small organisms like snail do not have the complex neurological system. The need to sleep to keep their body growth even and also to maintain a balance in their activities. So it’s essential for them to keep their energy and growth by sleeping.

Is a snail an insect?

No, Snail is not an insect they belongs to the class molusca order gastropoda. whereas insects belongs to class insecta.

Sleeping style of snails:

They love to sleep at the but maybe not at the same time as humans.  They do not sleep according to day and night schedule with specific hours.

All of them have their sleeping styles and patterns. Commonly when they exhausted due to day activities its time for them to take rest. Their resting time also depends on the environment.

Best Places to sleep:

They don’t require a specific place or environment to sleep as like humans. You can find them relaxing on leaves in a garden and other places. They have a relaxed body, tentacles partly withdrew and a shell hanging away from the body.

They found to be relaxed most of the times they look like a sunbath or spa treatment. They are also seen hanging I  between two leaves, on the stem and many other locations.

Only the thing they require for the sleep is a friendly environment. So when the weather is friendly, and they have no other harm they can have a safe and restful nap.

Hibernation and estimation:

They usually hibernate themselves in extreme weather conditions. When the food scares they use their shell to hibernate. These tiny creatures are active in the summer season and hibernate during the winter season.

When they feel any harm, they ensure their safety by enclosing their whole body in their shells. This keeps them moisturized and seals the shell properly.

Some of the species of the snail that lives in desert use this method to hibernate for years before dying to keep them alive for longer periods. In the extreme conditions snails who feeds on vegetation and leaves face a shortage of food.

Duration of hibernation:

They can hibernate for maximum three years, but their hibernation also depends upon the type of specie. All the species of snails are not able to hibernate for such an extended period.

Some of the species of snail hibernate for one year, and after that, they search for food and water. To keep their body moist water is very necessary for them to take care of it immediately.

The creatures in the desert can keep their body enclosed in the shell and hibernate for three years in the case of their mucus.

How they sustain hibernation?

The only problem they have during their hibernation is the lack of water. To counter that problem, these snails have something special. To prevent the drying, they have a thick sheet of dry mucus as part of the shell that keeps the flashed part of the body covered and prevents the evaporation procedure.

Some fun facts about snails:

Other than sleeping habits here are some of the fun facts about the snails.

How many teeth do snails have?

Snails have thousands of teeth which are used for cutting or scraping thier food. The teeth are arranged in rows on a chitinous ribbon and together form the radula. A typical radula may have 120 rows of 100 teeth i.e. around 12 000 teeth, though some species may have more than 20000 teeth.

Snails do not have sex:

Snails are hermaphrodites’ creatures that are they have both male and female organs. But to lay eggs, they mate with one another and then lay eggs.

Snails can see but can’t hear:

Snails can see the things as they have sharp eyes. However, they don’t have ear or ear canals so they cannot hear your voice.

Snails don’t like the sun:

Snails did not like sunlight, and you find them inactive during the hot summer season they dislike the heat. They perform most of their activities in the night or moist or cloudy weather.  IF you want to adopt a small snail as a pet, then make sure to keep it in the aquarium and place the aquarium in the moderate environment with the less sunlight otherwise your pet can go into the hibernation state.

Big size snails:

You may hear of snail as a tiny creature, but their size ranges may vary up to 12 inches.

giant snail:

The gaint snail is found in Africa it is called as Giant African snail. They have dark or light brown shells and darker shade on thier stripes. They eat much food. They eat plants and vegetables when they got much food to eat thier lifespan increased from 7 to 10 years.

Class: Gastropoda
Family: Achatinidae
Genus: Achatina

Snail care:

Snails can live in moderate temperature. However, it cannot resist salt. Getting in contact with the salt means the death of your snail. So keep your pet away from the salt.

giant African land snail:

The big size species of the snails are found to be very hungry. A giant African land snail is known to eat more than 500 different types of plants.

Small creatures but not weak:

Snails are very strong, and they can lift up to 10 times of their body weight in a vertical position.

Snails have a great family:

They are not a mere ordinary animal. There are more than 2000000 species of mollusks including snails, and only 50000 of them are classified.

How Long Do Snails Sleep

Are Snails Born with Their Shells?

Yes, they are born with the soft shells. Snails need calcium to harden their shells that’s why a newly hatched snail eat its eggshell to absorb calcium to harden and strengthen its shell.

Now we are aware of the fact that do snails sleep? Yes, they sleep for a long time. They can undergo into the hibernation state when the weather is not suitable for them. They can sleep up to 3 years.

do snails sleep at night:

No snail do not sleep at night because they are nocturanal in habit and they come out in the night and late evening to find food for themselves.

do snails sleep upside down:

Yes, they can sleep upside down if that’s what the conditions call for. We’re not saying that they being upside down on their shell with their body exposed. Rather than this, it’s when they climb on a leaf, for example, and hang upside down from it.

how long do snails live:

Lifespan of snails depends upon thier habitatt and type o specie. Some of the species live up to 5 years. while other can live up to 25 years.

Types of Land Snails:

Giant African Land Snail – Achatina fulica:

Giant African snail is found in Africa it is 20 cm long and it is one of the largest specie of snails. it is considered an invasive animal because of its high reproduction rate and the voracious appetite for crops and vegetation.

Garden Snail – Helix aspersa:

The garden snail is a small specie with the height of 1.3 inches and have a particular shell that differentiates it from other species. They are mostly found in Mediterranean region, Western Europe, Asia and northern Egypt.

Roman Snail – Helix pomatia:

The roman snail has a beautiful shell that it is almost a third of its total weight. It is mostly found in Europe and also found in other regions all over the world. It inhabits in temperate forests with humid temperatures but scanty rainfall.

Snail is a small animal that can be kept as a pet in the house. Snail loves sleeping and they spent thier most of the life in  sleeping and during the hibernation period. So now you are well know about the fact How Long Do Snails Sleep?

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