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How Do Fish Mate? Fish Mating Process

How Do Fish Mate

How do fish mate?

There are diverse ways fish reproduce, and some of the species even don’t need mates. Read more to know the answer to how do fish mate? One day I visit my doctor for a regular checkup, and I am waiting for my appointment. I heard the voice of a small child who is talking to his mother about the fish. He asked if the fish is married and have babies how cute they are. His mom was not sure how to answer this question, but I imagine that fish reproduction is a not a usual conversation topic. How to fish mate? There are many ways for this.

Some of the breeds of fish reproduce immediately after birth, while others may take few years to mature and to reproduce. According to general research the smaller the size of an adult fish indicates that fish will reproduce early. Size and age are the primary factors in recognizing the reproduction and maturation.

Reproductive Anatomy of the Fish:

Before we know the anatomy of the fish reproduction process lets discuss the method fish use to make their offspring’s. This can be well explained if you have to knowledge of reproductive organs they have.

The primary reproductive organs in fish are testes and ovaries.

While the some of the species have paired gonads having a small size gonads that can be wholly or partially fused. Apart from these some of the species have genital papilla that is a small fleshy tube at the back of the anus where the eggs and sperms are released. You can tell the gender of the fish by looking at the shape of the papilla.

Male fish have two testicles of the same size; only sharks have a more significant pair of the testis on the right side. While the jawless fish have just one testicle found on their body midline.

Female fish have ovaries, each ovary may have thousands or sometimes hundreds of fertile eggs.

How Do Fish Mate

Different Ways that Fish Mate:

There are different ways fish mate that vary from one breed to other. We will describe them in details below.

Egg Laying

Majority of the fish species reproduce through egg laying process. Eggs grow and hatch within seven days to ten days.  Female fish lay eggs on a different area in the open water surface the male will follow behind it and fertilize the eggs.

The female and its female will go around to complete the task. Both male and female will not stop until both of them finish the process. After fertilizing eggs, they will protect the eggs from any danger until it becomes old and is ready to take care of themselves.

Female Substrate spawners lay the eggs in water and use its saliva to stick it to the surfaces like rocks, glass, plants, wood or aquarium. After that male fish come to that surfaces and fertilize these eggs. Catfish use this type of reproduction process. While the bubblenest builders are slightly different. The male fish blow bubbles and the female lay eggs in the nest of the bubbles that are usually located near the surfaces. Female Mouthbrooders lay eggs and male fertilize them after that one of the partners keep these ages in their mouth until they fry and hatched.

Party of One

Unisex Fish

Some of the fish species are unisex, and they don’t require a partner to reproduce. Unisex fish are always female, and they also produce females. They do mate with males of similar species, but the sperm never contributes to the heredity of the offspring.


Hermaphrodites also exist in fish species. Some breeds of fish are born with both male and female reproductive organs, while others are born as one sex and change to different-sex later in the lifespan. Some fish types of sea bass (Serranidae) can be born females, change to males and change back to female later in life. It’s a girl! It’s a boy! Is it a girl again? Good thing fish don’t use baby registries because that would be confusing.


In this method, the female fish is fertilized by one of the male finds and then release the larval fish after one month. The young ones are fully formed and can swim as soon as they are released. Their primary goal after hatch is searching for food. Example of this type of matting is guppies. Interestingly enough, once a female has hatched fry this way, she can continue to reproduce without a male present.

So after this method, you would know about How do fish make babies? As there are many ways fish, adapt to reproduce.

How Do Fish Mate

How do goldfish mate?

Goldfish like other fish species reproduce to make their babies. If you want to encourage your goldfish to mate, then you have to establish a space and environment that is suitable for the goldfish to mate.

Prepare a large tank that is well planted, and it should contain male and one female goldfish that are at least three years old.  While younger fish can apparently reproduce, female fish under the age of three are much more likely to become “egg bound,” commencing to eggs that fail to hatch. Even poorly, this can potentially cause the death of the adult fish too.
Also double check the temperature of the water it should be slightly warm water that makes the suitable environment to reproduce for goldfish. Keep the tank temperature at around 64 degrees for four months. And then slowly rewarm the tank over the course of a couple of weeks to a temperature of 70-74 degrees F. This slow rise in temperature will make your fish think that breeding season is beginning and will cause them to initiate mating.

fish mating video

how do fish get pregnant:

Pregenancy in animals is the time when young ones are developing inside the womb of thier mother after the fertilization of sperm. The mother’s body maintains gas exchange but the unborn young are nourished by egg yolk

how do fish make babies:

As we disussed earlier there are several methods of reproduction in the different types of fishes. Some of the species lay eggs and young ones are then hatched from thier eggs after a certian time period. While the other types lay eggs outside and male fish follow them and fertlize all the eggs scattered by the female fish.

how do male fish fertilize eggs:

Female Fish lay eggs in the water then male releases sperm in the water that fertlizes the eggs.

how do you know when fish are mating:

Your fish will show signs of mating before the actual mating happens. The pair off or groups of males showing interest in a female. In the case of the silver dollar fish, the males will aggressively chase the females around the tank.

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